Home Cinema Room in Mallorca

Here you can see a home theater room, where Llambias has been involved from the outset. Work began checking the installation on plan work with the decorator and other industrial people.

In this case the screen is installed into the ceiling. With Stewart have very good solutions for this type of facility, one of the best manufacturers of video projection screens worldwide. With good planning and communication with both the client and with others involved in the project, the screen was installed and subsequently results that include the ceiling were made.

Meanwhile the projector (a JVC DLA-RS56 of 3D projector, Full HD) is located in a hollow perfectly planned to try to disguise their location as possible but at the same time presents no problem for operation in terms of cooling.

To the sound system, the customer opted for a V-35 BOSE system comprising 5 Jewel cube and a subwoofer. System integration is complete with a DVD Bluray Denon and a satellite receiver.