Crestron Mallorca

Installation and programming of Crestron in Mallorca

Advanced control systems for the automation of houses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Crestron Mallorca

What is Crestron?

Crestron is an advanced control system that allows us to have absolute control of an entire installation from a single application. In other words, with Crestron you can control all the lighting, air conditioning, blinds, multimedia system (TV, Apple TV, satellite receiver) from a touch screen or smartphone, doing without all remote controls. In an easy and intuitive way.


The possibilities are endless. The limits are set by the user. In addition, the system can be expanded in the future.

Control from touch screen

Applications made to measure for the user, intuitive, easy to use, doing away with cumbersome and numerous original remote controls.


Crestron allows the integration of a multitude of third-party systems (KNX, Lutron, etc.)

Crestron Solutions

Lighting control
Digital media
Air conditioning control
Streaming solutions
Control blinds
Audio control
Energy saving