Loewe TV Mallorca

Sale and installation of Loewe televisions in Mallorca

Loewe TV Mallorca

Loewe TV and audio

Loewe it is much more than Television. With Loewe TV you can also purchase an Audio solution, even personalize the sound.

Loewe BILD

The latest in OLED technology. Sharp images. Colors never seen on a television. An extremely flat design.

Energy efficiency

Loewe televisions are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly, one more reason to buy a Loewe television.

Audio Loewe

Discover the system Klang by Loewe. Solution with Wireless speakers.

Loewe TV series

Loewe Bild 7
Loewe Bild 1
Loewe Bild 5
Loewe Bild 3
Loewe Bild 2