KNX Mallorca

Installation and programming of KNX in Mallorca

Comfort and versatility for lighting control, heating and automation in the residential and professional environment.

KNX Mallorca

What is KNX?

KNX it is a standard for the management of heating, lighting and control systems that does not stop growing day by day. At the same time it allows the efficient use of energy, something increasingly important. And all this without forgetting the flexibility of the system and the level of customization as far as one can imagine.

Future proof technology

Have you heard of the Internet of Things? (You can see more here) The smart home and building market is constantly evolving, which is why the latest technology is part of today’s KNX software.


The customization possibilities are endless. Therefore with KNX there are no limits, only possibilities. For any automation challenge!

Safe and secure system

KNX meets the most demanding security requirements on the market. The client does not have to worry about anything, KNX Secure it is integrated into the control software.

Experience and integration

KNX has been automating buildings for more than 25 years. Being a control standard, it is possible to work with a multitude of products from different manufacturers. And even connect to other systems.

An international community

There are more and more users of this technology. A constantly expanding system. The system of the future in the present!


KNX mechanisms

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