Internet of things

IoT projects

Development and design of custom IoT projects with control through App from a smartphone.

IoT Mallorca

What is IoT?

IoT or internet of things describes the network of physical objects that have internet connectivity and that allows obtaining information of all kinds as well as interacting with these objects through the cloud.

IoT devices

As examples of IoT devices we could give as examples certain types of light bulbs, a Chromecast, Amazon Echo or Arduino devices.

Control via App

From any smartphone it is possible to control a multitude of objects, such as water sensors, air conditioning systems. Everything from the same App.

Development of custom IoT projects

At Llambias we develop and design custom IoT projects, meeting the needs and requirements of our clients.

Sensor for water tank

Receive «low reservoir» notification to the user when the fluid level falls below a certain threshold.
IoT Mallorca


Custom development
Receiving push notifications
Full control of the facilities
Sensor Implementation
IoT Mallorca smartphone

Generation of statistics

We can generate statistics to check the evolution of our devices.

IoT Mallorca

Fluid reservoir sensor

In the image we can see one of our developed projects. It is a sensor for fluid deposits.
Basically, the operation in this case is that the application receives a «low tank» notification to the user when the fluid level drops below a certain threshold.