Smart home projects in Mallorca

Home automation

We create and implement solutions for residential, business and boat environments.

IoT Mallorca

Integral home automation projects

We install and implement home automation for smart homes, work environments and home automation on boats.

Lighting control

Control of bulbs, lamps, RGB lights, outdoor lighting, etc.

Temperature control

Control of air conditioning machines, radiators, etc.

Windows control

Automatisms for windows and blinds.

Smart home automation

Elevators / lifts for TV, scene control, regulation. etc.

KNX programming

Integration and control of KNX systems.

Energy saving

Implementation of energy saving measures in homes.

Door automations

Automation of barriers, access control, buried loops, etc.

Audiovisual control

Centralized control of sound, video, television, etc.

Control based in touchpanels

Control of all systems from tablet, smartphone and dedicated touch screens.

IoT Mallorca smartphone

Total control

Home automation allows you to control the entire installation of your home or premises in a very easy and intuitive way, from climate control to lighting and sound systems. Everything from a single point of control.