Video projection system

The particularity of this system is that it is projected directly on the wall

«For some clients, integration with the environment is essential»

Sound and image installation in this beautiful room located on a farm on the outskirts of Montuïri, a truly wonderful place. The particularity of this installation is the direct projection on the wall so as not to break the aesthetics of the environment.

Touch device based control

To control the installation, a solution based on touch screen control (in this case iPad / iPhone) was designed. The customer is fully satisfied because his system is very easy to operate and he has gotten rid of all those cumbersome remote controls.

Control over the system is unlimited. Currently the existing technology allows to perfectly control all the audio and video equipment in an intelligent way; bluray players, apple tv, satellite receivers, etc.
In addition, these integrations are usually done with devices that the client already knows and handles perfectly, such as tablets or smartphones, so adaptation to their new system is practically immediate.

Another characteristic to take into account, and as can be seen in the previous images, is that there are no traces of equipment anywhere (with the exception of the projector, touch screen or speakers… obviously), since all the sound amplification equipment , control and receivers are “strategically” hidden in a piece of furniture (which can also be a rack / technical room) with which the installation is very clean and elegant.